Welcome to the Elemental website

Elemental Launch
So, this is the launch of the Elemental website. I think I’ve had a holding page for around 6 years, so a momentous moment indeed and thank you to Lee at Tonicbox for gently guiding, cajoling and shaping what we have.

The challenge has always been how do I tell my story, when really what I do and the projects that drive what I do change almost weekly. I love what I do and mostly I love making changes happen for people. Whether it’s discovering something within themselves or making a difference to their organisations, it all gives me a warm glow.

People ask where the name Elemental came from. On one hand it’s the essence of how I do what I do. I look at every element of the brief you have given me, from every angle. I explore and expose stuff and then put it together into a grounded and strong proposition. So the tree image reflects the bubbling of ideas and the roots that make them strong.

I’m very excited about 2017, you can see some of the fun I’ve had with clients over the years and I’m looking forward to a new chapter and new challenges.

After all, it’s elemental!