Virtual events: Presenting in a new world

Virtual Events
I’m increasingly being asked to coach presenters for their ‘virtual’ presentations.  It’s interesting to me to see how presenters respond to this.  Some think the usual rules apply.  Grab your slides, wing it on the day and all will be well.  Sadly, this isn’t going to give them the punch they’re looking for.

Every presentation matters.  Every presentation has to cause something and shift your audience to where you need them to be.  Virtual presentations are competing with broadcast values, so you have to work harder and don’t even get me started on integrating your slides and supporting materials, activities…

As presenters move from stage to screen there are new rules in play.  While the story is still king, bringing that to life is different. The camera is much closer to the action than an audience in the room, so presentation skills need to focus on being even more present to your story, your words and how you bring them to life to build a closer connection with your audience.

Crafting the best words and rehearsing has never been more important.  Planning, taking time to choreograph your presentation, practising out loud and focusing everything on achieving your goals is paramount.  Of course you have to be mindful of filming yourself too with camera angles, lighting and sound all being part of that process.

So a lot to consider and if you’re struggling to do that on your own… give me a call!