training with thrive live!

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We launched Thrive Live in 2015 with the aim to develop the skills of both clients and agencies in the world of live events and personal improvement. Our focus is to improve skills and understanding based on our combined 45 years in the industry.

We create bespoke packages based on your needs, tailored to your business and with a unique perspective of the live events industry.

Whether it is honing skills or learning new ones, our courses help your people thrive in ways they never thought they could and comfort zones are smashed!

It’s a fresh approach that puts practicing skills at its heart.  It’s important to us that the focus is on applicable training that makes a difference straight away.

So, whether you want to communicate better in written or spoken forms, hone a range of event production powers, understand people better to increase the impact of your communication or fine tune how you project manage, we can tailor a course to your needs.

And our clients like the fact we are also practitioners in the live events industry, we understand the pressures of agency and client life and we know your time is precious.

Training courses include:

Life Skills

  • Presentation skills training for specific presentations or general courses for groups
  • The art of storytelling – constructing your story
  • Personal impact coaching to develop your ‘presence’
  • Communication skills and how to be versatile with your communication for different needs and audiences
  • Project management skills
  • Making the most of every meeting, large or small

Live event project skills applicable to clients and agencies

  • How to be an even better client or agency
  • Getting the brief right
  • The creative process
  • Excellence in managing teams and stakeholders
  • The power of paperwork
  • Number crunching and negotiating – getting the money spent on the right things
  • Production skills
  • Talking tech including reading ground plans and understanding jargon
  • Loving logistics
  • Onscreen options and content management
  • Showcalling and stage management
  • Onsite – from dream to reality
  • Measuring events
  • Debriefing and closing down
  • Foundation courses for juniors to get them in the zone and productive faster
  • Masterclasses in specific areas, from interpreting a brief to stakeholder, client or onsite management and everything in between

And it’s seeing the light sparkle out that does it for us…

On Presentation Skills

“It was immediately apparent that Naomi has a lot of skill and experience in all aspects of production and she added specific value by taking personal accountability for the speaker training and on stage coaching of all our hosts and presenters. This group also included the Managing Director and Executive Team whom Naomi coached as individuals to improve their presentation techniques and stage presence.”

Amanda Webster
Formerly Programme Manager, PPFA, British Airways

“I have to say that in my many years of sales and having completed a number of presentation skills courses, none have ever impacted me and my team as much as this. It was great fun, provided a more focused approach in terms of our business, provoked creativity and I believe pushed the boundaries of the team to outside of their comfort zone. A thoroughly enjoyable and very rewarding and educational day. When’s the next one!”

Karen Evans
Vice President, Business Development BCD M&I

“Naomi has coached some of our clients’ most senior executives in how to brilliantly engage event audiences. She builds an incredible degree of trust and confidence with those she coaches. The pre-event session with Naomi is the first thing that goes into our clients’ diaries.”

Jez Paxman
Creative Strategy Director at Live Union

On Event Training
Client: Various agencies

“For me it was really useful to have this training from people who actually work in events. Some training has been too general, this was different and it was good to be given realistic examples we come across on a day to day basis.”

“The training was packed with valuable insight and information.”

“It was fun and informative with a great mix of training styles to engage and learn from.”

On Event Training
Client: Google

“Petra and Naomi were clear and concise whilst ensuring we remained engaged and upbeat through their diverse methods of sharing their knowledge and advice.”

“I really like the presentation format and the thought that has gone into the session astounds me.”

“It was a great use of my time and the whole team’s time, and while we learned a lot, it also felt like a team building session – a double win!”