team building

passionate, bespoke, inspiring, memorable, sometimes hilarious

If the question is…”How do I align my team with a proven, dynamic and memorable activity?” then the Communication Maze is the answer.

In just 75-90 minutes clients using the maze will:

  • Understand the effect of improved team work and communication on business performance
  • Experience how it feels to have a consistent strategy and standards
  • Explore how it can make their job more effective and enjoyable
  • See their performance improve by at least 50% by utilising the learnings from the exercise
  • Have fun as a team

We even have multiple mazes, which can introduce an element of fun competition for up to 100 people.

And it’s not just us that has fun…

“The Communication Maze and group exercises were particularly good for team bonding: they were energising and insightful by way of unconsciously providing guidance/ insight into how we can complement one another as team”